Shade Sails, Structures and UmbrellasShade Sails, Structures and Umbrellas

Sun Sails has been a major shade supplier for over 25 years. We supply both domestic and consumer markets with our wide range of products all custom designed to your requirements for every application. These shade products include shade sails (Sun Sails), shade structures (Sun Shades), umbrella structures (Sun Breltas) and steel roof structures (Sun Sheltas and Sun COLAs). We have added new products to our line to include, hail structures and barrel vault structures.

SunSails - Shade Sails

Shade Sails - Sail Structures - Sun Sails

A shade sail is an aesthetic approach to providing shade protection. Shade sails can be designed in multiple shapes, sizes, colours and materials. Multiple sails can be utilised to cover a large area creating a large sail structure.

SunShade - Shade Structures

Shade Structures - Sun Shades

A sun shade is a practical approach to providing shade protection, rain protection or hail protection. We can apply our link technology to cover areas with large spans with minimised posts.

SunBrelta - Umbrella Structures

Umbrella Structures - Sun Breltas

An umbrella structure is a unique approach to providing shade protection, rain protection or hail protection. An umbrella structure is similar to the shade structure, only it has one single post instead of four. The umbrella structure has various designs to cover small areas or extremely large areas with large spans, to include the singular design, hypar design, cantilever design and our link technology.

SunCola - Steel Structures

Steel Structures - Sun Shelters - Sun COLAs

A steel structure provides 100% shade protection, rain protection and hail protection. The steel structure is an all weather extension to the outdoors. The features of the sun shelter and sun COLA makes them a great solution for schools.