Shade Sails, Structures and UmbrellasShade Sails, Structures and Umbrellas


PVC Industries is an Australian owned company specialising in the design and construction of a wide range of sun, rain and hail solutions branded under the name of Sun Sails, now in operation for over 25 years. With such extensive experience, Sun Sails has developed the most complete range of products, catering to all different needs.


PVC Industries - Sun Sails prides itself in the design and construction of a wide range of products that are ‘Structurally Engineered to Withstand and Outlast’ at affordable prices for the end customer. Our main focus is on strength, quality and excellence. This means that each type of structure is designed specifically to the client’s requirements, while maintaining our commitment in the following areas:

Sun Sails ensures ongoing research and development which involves continual improvement & continued development of our wide range of products.

Sun Sails is the provider of the LARGEST range of products in the shade industry. We have different shade solutions for all different needs. Our product range includes knitted shade cloth, waterproof vinyl membrane and steel roof sheltas and colas.

Sun Sails can supply the complete package, which includes the design, structural certification and construction. Alternatively we can supply part components.

All our products are ‘Structurally Engineered to Withstand and Outlast’. This means that all structures are designed by an experienced engineer by ensuring that each product is designed and fabricated to meet the specific conditions for each location.

Sun Sails is a leader in the marketplace for shade, rain and hail solutions with particular emphasis in design & innovation. Our emphasis is on strength, quality and excellence.

Sun Sails designs and fabricates structures for LARGE areas that cover entire olympic swimming pools, carparks, motordealerships, assembly areas and basketball courts. To achieve this, we use link technology to link our structures together to cover complete areas and minimise the number of posts to create less obstructions with a single canopy. The picture to the left demonstrates a 30m x 20m linked shade structure with only six posts.


The Shade industry has experienced many instances where structures have failed, due to incorrect installations and inaccurate specifications used, causing stress and added expenses for reinstallation. Our company is highly experienced with over 25 years experience in shade with a highly conservative approach to structural design and specifications for our extensive range of shade products.


Many suppliers do not identify the expected wind load that their product is likely to experience, causing subsequent problems when the posts and footings are not adequate (i.e too small), to resist the expected wind loads, as a result, failure occurs.

Many suppliers do not consider the pre-tension load exerted on posts, anchors or walls when attaching the sail canopy. Where excessive tensions are applied the remaining capacity in the posts, rigging and footings is greatly reduced, which is an immense contribution to failure.

Many suppliers install structures in soils using footings that are inappropriate to withstand, such as, fill, sand, soft soils, and sloping ground. Also, there is improper consideration for the correct footing for this type of load, as a result footings reposition and failures occur, often as a result of excessive weather conditions.

Many suppliers often fail to recognise that the footing design for flexible structures and for tensioned structures require a very deep footing, as a consequence failure occurs.

Many suppliers neglect to recognise there are different wind load regions in Australia as defined in AS1170.2.

Many suppliers neglect to recognise there are different wind exposure loadings within each region defined within AS1170.2.

Many suppliers often fail to recognise that structures require proper design and installation to ensure adequate run-off for rain and hail. Therefore, in excessive conditions the loadings experienced by the structure are compounded when you add excessive water that has been pooled on top of the structure. It is imperative to recognise additional loads, such as, rain and hail are not considered by structural engineers even if the structure has been designed and certified by a structural engineer.


PVC Industries - Sun Sails leads the market in design innovation and structural soundness. With particular emphasis on structural connection points and load points, PVC Industries designs with reserve capacity to assist in attaining longer life products than are otherwise achieved by other suppliers.

All steel fabrication and fabric conversion operations are undertaken 'in house' in our operation centre located on the Central Coast. By controlling the operations 'in house', design innovations and revisions are easily researched, developed, controlled and implemented, with the use of our computerised on-line design capabilities for individual customised specifications.

Most important, unless otherwise requested, all complete structure designs are confirmed by our experienced and conservative structural engineer. This is undertaken when we supply complete SunShade, SunPort, SunSail, SunBrelta, SunShelter and SunCola Structures. Where a client orders a sail and posts, structural engineer certification could be provided at an extra cost.

Where engineer certification is provided on standard products, design certification is available including design load and footing detail for embedment in stiff clay. Engineer design certification is for moderately exposed to wind areas within region A and B of AS1170.2. At extra cost engineer design certification is provided for standard products outside those parameters. Refer to price list for limitations.

PVC Industries greatest strengths are in the design and construction of very large sun protection structures where the design limit for single beam rafters includes the restriction of 21.000 metres (42.000 metre span) for cartage on an extendable truck. Where spans exceed 42.000 metres we employ web truss rafter design that are bolted together in various increments.

Furthermore, by linking large structures using large span rafters together, the design limits are endless. Large Sun Protection Structures applications include complete motor dealer caryards, major retail development car parks, Olympic swimming pools, school assembly areas, basketball courts as well as providing many other solutions.