Shade Sails, Structures and UmbrellasShade Sails, Structures and Umbrellas


PVC Industries specialises in the design and construction of a wide range of sun, rain and hail protection solutions. Each product is custom designed for individual requirements and the specific location conditions.

We have the expertise and experience to design structures to cover very large areas, such as, olympic swimming pools, assembly areas, basketball courts, and even an entire motordealership.

Or we can design and manufacture a structure much smaller for areas with limited space.


Our company’s product range is suited to both domestic and commercial applications. All complete structures are structurally designed and engineer certified to include strength, quality and excellence. All structures are architecturally designed and asthetically appealing to include all shapes, all sizes, all colours and all designs.

Sun Sail Structures are suited to almost any type of application. A unique feature of the Sun Sail as opposed to other products is the number of different shapes, sizes and variations to the design. For instance, a Sun Sail can be designed as a 5 sided figure placed in many locations that creates a shape where each side is not equal.

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Sun Sails
Sun Brelta

Sun Brelta Structures have many variations to the design. These designs are the singular design, cantilever design, hypar design (illustrated), multiple design and linked design for larger areas. All designs can be utilised for domestic and commercial applications.

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Sun Shade Structures make a great solution for sun, rain or hail since all posts are the same height, being much more efficient if posts are as low to the ground as possible. Another of the Sun Shade Structures many advantages, is that it provides a very stable design approach to covering very large areas with extremely large structures.

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Sun Shade
Sun Port

Sun Port Structures have a very similar design to the Sun Shade Structure, except it has four straight rafters, instead of four curved rafters. They are also an efficient means for sun and rain protection.

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Sun COLA Structures have a steel roof that are extremely high from the ground and have a great capability of covering very large areas while still providing shade. For these reasons, they are a great sun and rain solution for schools, as it can be utilised as an all weather extension to the classroom, for assembly areas or to cover an entire basketball court.

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Sun Cola
Sun Shelta

Sun Shelta Structures have a steel roof that is ideal as a sun, rain or hail shelter. A unique feature of the Sun Shelta is that all four posts are low to the ground, which inhibits the natural environment. Another advantage is that it is vandal resistant, as opposed to a fabric canopy structure.

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Visit the links to all these products to see which product is best suited to your needs. You will also see each products’ photo gallery, which provides a visual representation of what each product looks like for different applications.


Our product range is so diverse that a range of materials are used in the design and manufacture of our products. Our products vary from fabric canopy structures to steel roof shelters and colas.

Fabric Options & Colours

We provide our customers the option to utilise any fabric on the market that is recommended by us for our various products. There are a variety of knitted shade cloth fabrics and a mix of PVC fabrics that you can choose from in a whole range of different colours and specifications.

Steel Roof Options & Colours

Steel roof Sun Sheltas and Sun COLAs are available in any Colourbond colour for the roof, gutters and downpipes.

Structural Steel Options & Colours

Our various structures are designed with the customer in mind. The steel component of the structures allows the customer to choose the finish that they would prefer, with high regards to the look they want to achieve, cost and sustainability. Sun Sails does not automatically include the options in the design, most of the time they are optional. So what are these options I can choose from?

  • Powdercoating - A decorative finish, not a protective coating.
  • Metal Protection - A zinc coating to protect the steel from rust.
  • Protective Colour Coating - A colour painted after the metal protection process.
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing - An internal and external coating to protect the steel from rust.

These options are available so that customers have the ultimate choice with regards to the amount of protection that they require and the budget they can afford.


Determine location region and wind exposure according to AS1170.2.

Calculate sail area and then calculate design wind load for structural design taking into account likely loads for corner posts and for posts that carry common loads.

Calculate sail pre-tension load.

Determine post heights out of the ground after accounting for the slope of the ground and calculating an allowance for water disposal and adequate run-off.

Calculate minimum post and rafter size by determining minimum steel bending resistance required.

Determine loads for common and shared load points to ensure that connections, especially fabric connections are designed to carry the loads with ample reserve capacity.

Undertake initial consultation with certified structural engineer prior to final design to confirm details and to have footings designed based on information supplied by client. Or in the absence of being supplied with details, the design is based on embedment in stiff clay.

When processing an order, SunSails assesses if there are any other conditions at the site that will require a certified structural engineer to undertake a site visit prior to the final design.